Sharan is a Resiton Boy

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I am a RESITON boy

I am Sharan, now a student of grade VIII. This is my experience when I was in grade IV.
So, I woke up this morning to find another WART on the side of my left thumb. Every now and then there was a new bump on my palm. I tried to scratch it off, but it only brought me pain. I kept hiding this from people as it looked terrible. My parents did not know about it. I avoided shaking hands with my friends as they had started to notice something odd on my palm. They were popping up at a fast rate. I got worried then I finally told my mother about this.

The day after, we went to Dr. Mohsin Ahmed, a leading child specialist, to ask what should be done to reduce my warts. He suggested the only way is to burn each of these bumps, but it will leave scar. In fact, he showed his palm with burn marks and told us that he is suffering from the same issue. I got nothing. As a final point, the doctor said it would heal itself once the immune system got stronger.

The days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months. There was no sign of hope. We had visited one of the finest doctors of the city, Zarnaz Wahidee (Skin specialist) after my warts would not stop appearing. Her answer was very similar to Dr. Mohsin’s. She suggested some measures which could be taken, but they were time consuming and were not practical. There was nothing to do but just pray.

Weeks later, my father, a pharmaceutical professional, got back from a seminar and brought some yummy probiotic powder for me to consume. With the passage of time, I noticed my warts started to peel off, and they were completely gone within a few weeks. They dropped off one by one.

I ran to my parents saying: CHALA GAYA, CHALA GAYA (meaning: it’s gone, it’s gone)
My father now knew that the probiotic are live bacteria that reside and multiply in our intestine and make our immune system stronger. Resiton (probiotic) did not only positively influence my growth, but it helped my body fight this nightmare. It was a miracle. I am a RESITON boy now.

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