Cold and Flu! Does he need antibiotics?

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Every now and then you or your child experiences cold, fever, body ache which you call flu. You go or take your child to the doctor and expect a prescription for antibiotic. Flu is generally due to viral infection and antibiotics do not work at all in viral infections. If you have flu, it will usually be possible for you to treat yourself effectively at home. You should rest, keep warm, drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration. Consuming good probiotic strain that improves immune health and works against infection is logical. In fact a regular use of clinically proven probiotics keeps your immune system strong, making it less likely for you to suffer from infections. If you have a fever, you can take paracetamol to lower your high temperature and relieve aches. If you are in a high-risk group and are more likely to suffer complications from flu, your doctor may prescribe antiviral medication that may reduce the length of time of illness by around one day. Remember, antibiotics are not prescribed for flu as they have no effect on viruses. However, occasionally it may be necessary to treat complications of flu, especially serious chest infections or pneumonia, with a course of antibiotics. For the treatment of flu, if your doctor is not prescribing antibiotics, he is doing a favor to you or your child.

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