Are bacteria good or bad for us?

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Bacteria are everywhere they live in us, on us and multiply in our body very fast. Therefore we cannot escape bacteria. And the good news is that, there are very few bacteria (less then 1%) which are harmful.


The good bacteria perform various vital functions to keep us healthy –beginning from digestion, vitamins synthesis, absorption of minerals and micronutrients, control of diarrhea and constipation. They enhance the immune health that makes us fight viral, bacterial and fungal infections. They also reduce the intensity of allergic diseases like eczema, running-nose, asthma, food allergies and reduce cancer risk, as well. The good bacteria can make you healthy whereas the bad bacteria can make you sick. Bad bacteria grow when the environment is unhygienic and untidy. Bacteria good or bad multiply very fast. Virtually they double themselves in 10 minutes.


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