90.7% had experienced respiratory infections during Hajj

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Author: Uldan K. M.D.

90.7% had experienced respiratory infections during Hajj

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Respiratory infection associated with Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca, Saudi Arabia is well reported. Hajj attendance increases the risk of acquisition of respiratory viral infection, specifically influenza. Clinical data recorded that 90.7% of a group who traveled from France to perform Hajj in 2013 had respiratory symptoms while in Saudi Arabia, including cough 86.8% and sore throat 82.9%; 49.6% reported fever, and 47.3% had conditions that met the criteria for influenza-like illness (the association of cough, sore throat, and subjective fever) 1

Saudi Arabia has reported the highest number of MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) infection cases since the virus first emerged in 2012 and a death rate of 42%, as of November 2013. Global attention has focused on the potential for the spread of MERS after the Hajj pilgrimage during which Muslims from 180 countries converge in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Such pilgrims have a high risk of respiratory tract infections including influenza H3N2, influenza H1N1, and influenza B virus because of the gathering of millions of pilgrims.1


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